Thursday, June 25, 2009

Under construction....

Sorry folks my Blog is under construction, check back soon hoping to have a new and fresh look for you soon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alica Turns 2

Ok so I know your think good lord would you post some new pics. Well I just had a 2 year old shoot a few weeks ago and here you go! This is Alica who just turned 2 on Friday, the 5th. Alica actually goes to the same Daycare Reid goes to and they are only 6 weeks apart, there buddies at daycare. She was definitely a typical 2 year old she wanted nothing to do with my Camera and nor did she want to actually look at me. But I managed to get a few good ones, oh how a 2 year old loves SUCKERS... works every time.
On the pregnancy front, Im 15 weeks and doing well, I started to feel better about a week or so ago and Im so happy 1 st trimester is over-it was rough. There definitely viewing my pregnancy different this time around since I went early with Reid and had some preterm labor at 30 weeks with Reid so I have to be watched more carefully and actually have to administer a shot every week from 16 weeks to 36 weeks to help keep me from going into an preterm labor. So I feel alot better about the safety of my child and me.
I do have one exciting thing that I get to cross off my Goal list---I got a new laptop and Im loving it. I don't think Tom likes it as much as I do since all I do is work on scrapbooking and pics. Its just so fun when you have a computer that works and works fast!!

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