Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waiting Game...

Well I didn't get to much done over the weekend in regards to packing but I guess I do have 4 weeks until we have to be out so why rush it? So that I can live out of boxes, I'd rather not. My sister had left her apple laptop at my house a few weekends ago and I thought she had photoshop on it so I decided to logon and see if I could remember anything from back in the day with photoshop. Well come to find out she had illustrator which Im definitely not familiar with so I used her iPhoto program to play with some of my favorite pics. So take a look, let me know what you think. Some are from our camping weekend and others are just snap shots of Reid, and Paige. I was trying to be aware of the natural light.

Well I had to change up my first camera class because we've decided on moving into our appt. that weekend so I moved it to November, hopefully my Mom will be joining me. Its just a basic camera course but I guess I better know the ins and outs before i go and invest in advanced camera. Im trying to insure that during this house stuff for the next couple of months doesn't pull me off track and cause my goals to slip, I guess I just need to make sure I prioritize correctly.

Have fun viewing the pics!

Love, Live, Life....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Packing will begin

So Tom and I will start packing this weekend. We found a storage shed to rent for supper cheap so we can store everything that we don't need at the new house during construction and at the appt. Tom is going to look at an appt. tonight in Menomonie. So I guess I get my city living for a little bit which will be fun. I can take Reid to the park and easily get to things without having to worry about spending the money on gas. Im also going to look into taking Reid to a Mommy and Me swim classes if I can still get in this fall. Something to keep us busy while Daddy works on our new home.

I haven't been able to spend much time on photography which makes me sad but I've just got to make the time. I've been talking to a few friends at work and they offered there children for me to take pictures of to practice and hopefully I can take some nice pics for them to use as mile-stone pics for there children. Krista's daughter will be turning 1 in Sept. and then Jen will have a newborn baby girl in early oct. as well as her 3 year old boy. Can't wait, thanks ladies for letting me practice! Gotta start somewhere! I also found a new website that new photographers post to and look for comments etc on there work, this will give me some fun ideas for the future.

Love, Live, Life...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Got It!

So a lot has happened over the past few days. We decided to make an offer on the house last Friday. The owners asked that we give them until Monday to decide. Yesterday we got the call that our offer was close and they wanted to talk. Tom went and talked with them and we accepted there counter. WE HAVE A NEW HOME! But we need to make it our home first. Where looking to close in mid-Sept. assuming we can find an appt. to rent while we remodel.

Last week when we first looked at this house I was absolutly discusseded and said no way and now look im so excited to make this our home, I have a vision that I can't wait to make reality(I just hope it matches our budget!). So the planning begins, it will be nice to have time to look at all the options and make the right decisions without to much pressure because of time. We will have 6 months.

As for the rest of my life.... Reid is starting to take some steps on his own we got about 6-7 in a row over the weekend, it wont be long and he will be off and running. Yikes! My diet has suffered a little since our Trip a few weeks ago and now with everything that happend the last week, I have to stay on track otherwise I wont meet a goal and that just can't happen. So for those around me I need your help remind me not to eat bad things and get my but in gear and work out!!!

Live, Love, Life....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh BOY...

So things have been so crazy the last few days. All I can think about is where we are going to live. So we have been back and forth back and forth on this house with 15 acres and if we should do it or not. We would have to completely gut it and start over which involves us renting during that time. I found a place that we could rent but its in North Menomonie so I would have to do some back tracking to take Reid to Daycare. I guess something will have to give for 6 months. Scuba is going to help us out while hes laid off for the winter which will hopefully put us in a newly updated home by March 1st. Seems so far away but really it will be here before we know it. Where also looking at other options before we make an offer. But as Tom puts it we don't want to loose out on a good opportunity.

Here are some pics of the potential establishment (its a lot of work but would be worth it in the end!)

Side view (including new addition)

Kitchen with a door way to the new addition off to the left, to the right of the fridge is the hallway to the two bedrooms on the main floor.

Standing in the old living room looking into the dinning room and kitchen.

Just a few shots to give you an idea of the amount of work we would be in store for. We would completely rework the outside and inside (new sheet rock and all). So keep us in your prayers that all works out well, its a very big risk.
Live, Love, Life...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in WI and its a crazy life!

So we made it back from Ohio on Sat. and it was a very successful and fun trip. I got to see all of my family except for my Cousin Maria. I even got to meet my second cousin Garth (he's so cute). We had all day Sunday to get back into our schedule however we had the couple that looked at our house a few weeks over and they made us an offer on our house. And..... We accepted there offer. So that means we are moving..

The usual response... Where are you going to go???? our response... Not Sure! We first have to decide when we want to close and we've starting looking at options. (Pre-existing, Land, Rental). We have one option that we found that has 15 acres and a house that needs lots of work, Tom, Scuba and Dave are going to take a look tonight to see if its worth it and if we can afford the cost to fix it. Its territory that im not familiar with and not sure that I want our future involved in but im trying to keep an open mind.

More to come about our new home hopefully it will all work out for the best in the end.
Love, Live, Life..

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello from OHIO...

Well Hello everyone. Its been a week of family times and lots of traveling. We made it to Cleveland Ohio Sat. morning at 7:30am Eastern time. It was a very long drive but I was glad we did it at night. Reid got to meet all of my Mom's side of the family except for my one cousin Maria because she's in Florida working at Disney World (Hello Pluto!) We swam in my Aunt and Uncles pool it was so nice and relaxing. I also finally got to meet my twin cousins, Alex and Sam so very cute, there 8 months and doing great.

On Tuesday we went to the Football Hall of Fame that was very interesting, Tom enjoyed all the Green Bay Packer stuff (the Packers where the third professional team in the US, interesting!) Then we where off to see my Grandparents in Cinn. OH (another 5 hour drive but worth it). Today where heading down to my favorite restaurant (Montgomery INN). The best ribs in town.

Hello to the girls at work (Jen I got some Taste Cakes for you!) Also I went and saw Mama Mia last night good movie however some actors should not sing!
Well until next week...

Love, Live, Life!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Vacation almost begins...

Well, Its Friday and my vacation officially begins at 4:30pm. :)

This time away is so needed! I can't wait to see my entire family in Ohio! We leave tonight for our long drive to Cleveland, pray that Reid sleeps the whole way! We wont get back until Saturday Aug. 9th! However I'm bumbed where missing the Annual Cousins Party 80's style. I so wanted to go but i guess you just can't do everything.

So we had an interesting phone call last night. Tom decided to call the couple that looked at our house a few weeks ago and wanted to know if they where still interested so that we could decide if we wanted to do any more updates or not. Well needless to say they informed us they are ready to talk offers...... OH MY GOSH it just might happen. But where do we go????

We lost the land to another buyer and now we have nothing. So where thinking renting but where??? We have to think location big time due to Reids Daycare-We wont be doing our self's a favor if we have to go out of our way everyday. Toms set on 12-20 acres of land however I would be fine with 5 or less. So our search is very limited and our budget as well. Not much is out there for sale at least for what we are looking for. So we might be packing our lives when we get back from this trip. UGH, I hate packing. More to come on that.

I hope you all have great week and stay tuned to on how the trip went and our house adventures.
Love, Live, Life!

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