Thursday, August 21, 2008

Packing will begin

So Tom and I will start packing this weekend. We found a storage shed to rent for supper cheap so we can store everything that we don't need at the new house during construction and at the appt. Tom is going to look at an appt. tonight in Menomonie. So I guess I get my city living for a little bit which will be fun. I can take Reid to the park and easily get to things without having to worry about spending the money on gas. Im also going to look into taking Reid to a Mommy and Me swim classes if I can still get in this fall. Something to keep us busy while Daddy works on our new home.

I haven't been able to spend much time on photography which makes me sad but I've just got to make the time. I've been talking to a few friends at work and they offered there children for me to take pictures of to practice and hopefully I can take some nice pics for them to use as mile-stone pics for there children. Krista's daughter will be turning 1 in Sept. and then Jen will have a newborn baby girl in early oct. as well as her 3 year old boy. Can't wait, thanks ladies for letting me practice! Gotta start somewhere! I also found a new website that new photographers post to and look for comments etc on there work, this will give me some fun ideas for the future.

Love, Live, Life...


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