Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Got It!

So a lot has happened over the past few days. We decided to make an offer on the house last Friday. The owners asked that we give them until Monday to decide. Yesterday we got the call that our offer was close and they wanted to talk. Tom went and talked with them and we accepted there counter. WE HAVE A NEW HOME! But we need to make it our home first. Where looking to close in mid-Sept. assuming we can find an appt. to rent while we remodel.

Last week when we first looked at this house I was absolutly discusseded and said no way and now look im so excited to make this our home, I have a vision that I can't wait to make reality(I just hope it matches our budget!). So the planning begins, it will be nice to have time to look at all the options and make the right decisions without to much pressure because of time. We will have 6 months.

As for the rest of my life.... Reid is starting to take some steps on his own we got about 6-7 in a row over the weekend, it wont be long and he will be off and running. Yikes! My diet has suffered a little since our Trip a few weeks ago and now with everything that happend the last week, I have to stay on track otherwise I wont meet a goal and that just can't happen. So for those around me I need your help remind me not to eat bad things and get my but in gear and work out!!!

Live, Love, Life....


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