Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Im still here....

Hey Everyone.... So sorry for not keeping up, I have no excuses!

I do however have an update on the house....
We finished painting this past weekend. The living room took almost 6 hours with three of us painting but I just love it. We also completed Reid's room. We had started the weekend before but after the first coat his room was glowing, I mean really glowing-GREEN (NEON). So needless to say we could not use this green to paint all but one wall. So we decided to use the lightest color of the three greens to paint 3 of the 4 walls then we did 3 horizontal strips with three different greens on one wall. (hard to picture but I will show pics soon so you can see it your self). Reids room is my favorite, it turned out so great. I even ordered a sign for the wall that is in navy blue and orange (which is what I am using to accent with) that says " So many toys so little time!" LOVE IT, and so true.

We also went and had a big shopping spree at Menards on Sat. and then Tom went back and did more shopping on Sunday. We picked out the lighting, carpet, sinks, vanities etc. Our kitchen flooring will be laid tomorrow and friday. We hope to have the carpet installed and complete by EOD next week. Which means for the most part the rooms that don't involve plumbing or cabinets I can't start getting stuff out of storage and get it moved in. I can't believe where this close, it felt like it would never get here. They started putting trim and doors in last week and its so amazing. I love the doors we went with (three panel) and the trim custom made, wow, Tom did a really great job getting the details right. Stay tuned for pics, coming soon.

On the photography front its been slow, Ive started reading a lighting book which should help with some things, its hard to practice with not being home during the day to use natural light and then working on the house over the weekends. All I can say is I can't wait to get into the house and get settled so that I can really focus and start try new things.

Well I hope all are well and staying warm... Until next time.
Live, Love, Life....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More of the House, Like I promised!

Ok so as I stated last week I promised I would post more pics, so here goes. The first coat of mud on our walls.....

Reids Room:

Master Bedroom:

Stair well looking down:

My OFFICE (looking at the door going out and the door to the closet (walk in closet that is :)):

Hallway to Stairs, Reids Room and Master bedroom:

Dry wall should be done and ready to go Thursday this week. Our trim will hopefully be going to our Cabinet man to get stained this weekend. Oh how I can't wait to move it. Painting starts Sunday!!
LIVE, LOVE, Life....

Friday, January 9, 2009

I know I know....

SO SORRY for not keeping up on my Blog the past few weeks. What a crazy week in half with work that I haven't had time to even update you on the house. So I hope the next few weeks will allow me to update my blog more often.

So wondering how the house is coming. If I wasn't working this week I was looking, reviewing and freaking out about paint colors, however yesterday I finally decided on all the colors for the house and handed them off to get ordered. CRAZY! I can't believe where to this stage already. But yet I wish it was done, I need my life back in a HOME!

So got some pics of the house for ya, they don't include this weeks updates since where in the middle of mudding and taping the walls which is really cool to see in progress.

OUTSIDE: (Look at that garage much better don't you think!)

KITCHEN/Dinning area:

Main Kitchen Area:

Living Room (Looking at the Bathroom addition wall):

My OFFICE (does not justify the size of the room but its huge and I love it!):

More to come.....



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