Friday, January 9, 2009

I know I know....

SO SORRY for not keeping up on my Blog the past few weeks. What a crazy week in half with work that I haven't had time to even update you on the house. So I hope the next few weeks will allow me to update my blog more often.

So wondering how the house is coming. If I wasn't working this week I was looking, reviewing and freaking out about paint colors, however yesterday I finally decided on all the colors for the house and handed them off to get ordered. CRAZY! I can't believe where to this stage already. But yet I wish it was done, I need my life back in a HOME!

So got some pics of the house for ya, they don't include this weeks updates since where in the middle of mudding and taping the walls which is really cool to see in progress.

OUTSIDE: (Look at that garage much better don't you think!)

KITCHEN/Dinning area:

Main Kitchen Area:

Living Room (Looking at the Bathroom addition wall):

My OFFICE (does not justify the size of the room but its huge and I love it!):

More to come.....




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