Monday, September 7, 2009

Reid 2 years

Well now that my little man is 2 I thought I would share his 2 year picture with all of you. I can't believe how different he looks from last year. They loose there baby look so quick. We even took the Nuk away 2 weeks ago which I think was harder for me then him. We hope to have him in a big boy bed by Oct. that way he will have 2 months hopefully before his Sister takes over the crib. Oh yeah for those that don't know Tom and I are having a baby Girl. We can't believe it, buying pink is a lot more fun then buying for boys. I've been holding back a bit but its been hard.


Paige 18 months

It was time for Paige's 18 month pics. A child between the months of 18-26 can be challenging and their attention for the camera can be slim but some how I manage to get a few good ones. Take a look.


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