Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So I was asked a question this weekend of why or how did I end up wanting to taking on the photography world?? When did you start thinking about this etc? Well it was kinda a hard question for me to answer in just a few words, while children where running around and the spirit of Christmas was all over the place. I wasn't really able to explain, so I thought perhaps there where others out there that may also be asking the question so here is my reason WHY!

Have you ever enjoyed something that you used to love and had such dreams and aspirations for but something caused you stray away from it, like when you get lost driving some where new and your gut is telling you to go left but instead you go right..... Well thats what happened to me. Instead of believe in my self back in High school and College, I stopped my love for photography and moved on to the practical, safer dreams/goals, I went right. I never really thought much about photography after that other then wanting to capture my memories and scrapbook them, until Reid was born. I began to see pictures of children and families that where so amazing that I couldn't but help wonder how it was accomplished and began to ask my self why can't I do something like that? So with my interest and curiosity surfacing again I began to rethink my life long goals and career. Do I want to be apart of UHC for the rest of my life? Do I want to live behind a desk for 30 more years? Do I really want to a Full-time Working mom and never get the chance to be apart of my child's life during the week besides evenings?

With all these things going through my head and my interest overwhelming me I decided it was time to make a move, no time is a good time..... I jumped! I upgraded my camera in May (updated my point and shoot) and began to research and understand where and what I needed to do to get closer to my goal and dreams. Of course the more I researched the more I realized I was going to need a DSLR and update my computer. So Im taking one day at time, Ive got the DSLR and now Im working on learning how to use it and build a portfolio, next will be to update my computer so that I can work on my post processing skills which will give me even more opportunities to grow. Its a long road but one day I will get there and I wont be turning Right any time soon for that matter ever.....

Thanks for reading. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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