Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hello from OHIO...

Well Hello everyone. Its been a week of family times and lots of traveling. We made it to Cleveland Ohio Sat. morning at 7:30am Eastern time. It was a very long drive but I was glad we did it at night. Reid got to meet all of my Mom's side of the family except for my one cousin Maria because she's in Florida working at Disney World (Hello Pluto!) We swam in my Aunt and Uncles pool it was so nice and relaxing. I also finally got to meet my twin cousins, Alex and Sam so very cute, there 8 months and doing great.

On Tuesday we went to the Football Hall of Fame that was very interesting, Tom enjoyed all the Green Bay Packer stuff (the Packers where the third professional team in the US, interesting!) Then we where off to see my Grandparents in Cinn. OH (another 5 hour drive but worth it). Today where heading down to my favorite restaurant (Montgomery INN). The best ribs in town.

Hello to the girls at work (Jen I got some Taste Cakes for you!) Also I went and saw Mama Mia last night good movie however some actors should not sing!
Well until next week...

Love, Live, Life!


Anonymous February 16, 2010 at 7:26 PM  

Thanks for the shout out Lee Ann!!! I wish I could of been there. Your pictures are wonderful. Live, Laugh, Love !! Maria 2010

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