Friday, August 1, 2008

My Vacation almost begins...

Well, Its Friday and my vacation officially begins at 4:30pm. :)

This time away is so needed! I can't wait to see my entire family in Ohio! We leave tonight for our long drive to Cleveland, pray that Reid sleeps the whole way! We wont get back until Saturday Aug. 9th! However I'm bumbed where missing the Annual Cousins Party 80's style. I so wanted to go but i guess you just can't do everything.

So we had an interesting phone call last night. Tom decided to call the couple that looked at our house a few weeks ago and wanted to know if they where still interested so that we could decide if we wanted to do any more updates or not. Well needless to say they informed us they are ready to talk offers...... OH MY GOSH it just might happen. But where do we go????

We lost the land to another buyer and now we have nothing. So where thinking renting but where??? We have to think location big time due to Reids Daycare-We wont be doing our self's a favor if we have to go out of our way everyday. Toms set on 12-20 acres of land however I would be fine with 5 or less. So our search is very limited and our budget as well. Not much is out there for sale at least for what we are looking for. So we might be packing our lives when we get back from this trip. UGH, I hate packing. More to come on that.

I hope you all have great week and stay tuned to on how the trip went and our house adventures.
Love, Live, Life!


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