Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So we had our family pics. last night for our Church directory. Reid did just fine, we had about a 5min sitting and then we got to review the pics and pick out what we wanted for our comp. pic and directory pic. We liked what we saw so Tom suggested we order a few 5X7 for the grandparents (4 total), ummmm..... $89.00 thats right $89.00 for 4 prints... WOW! I looked at Tom and we both said NO THANK YOU! What a rip off, I understand they need to make money some how since they donate the directory to the church and the 8X10 pic but really, thats over $20 a pic. I could see paying that much for pics if I had photographer that had to deal with us for over and hour with outfit changes and such but seriously. I guess its just one more reason to start a side job in photography!
Ok im over it now!

Well its Wed. so I guess I should start packing tonight and doing laundry (im not a fan of doing laundry!) I can't wait for a week off, it is so needed!


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