Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back in WI and its a crazy life!

So we made it back from Ohio on Sat. and it was a very successful and fun trip. I got to see all of my family except for my Cousin Maria. I even got to meet my second cousin Garth (he's so cute). We had all day Sunday to get back into our schedule however we had the couple that looked at our house a few weeks over and they made us an offer on our house. And..... We accepted there offer. So that means we are moving..

The usual response... Where are you going to go???? our response... Not Sure! We first have to decide when we want to close and we've starting looking at options. (Pre-existing, Land, Rental). We have one option that we found that has 15 acres and a house that needs lots of work, Tom, Scuba and Dave are going to take a look tonight to see if its worth it and if we can afford the cost to fix it. Its territory that im not familiar with and not sure that I want our future involved in but im trying to keep an open mind.

More to come about our new home hopefully it will all work out for the best in the end.
Love, Live, Life..


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