Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Well Happy Mothers Day to all of you great Mom's out there. Our one day to be pampered and reminded that we have the best job there is. Yes it may be hard to look at that way every day but when your child stops to give you a big kiss and hug how easily you forget about that rough times. .

This year I am reminded of the things we as women have to go through to become a mother. As you may have seen to the right a Count Down, Thats right where having a BABY! I just had my first appt. last Friday all checked out well. Heart beat sat at 178 and sound great. Our official due date is........ DEC. 1st 2009. Im very curious how close I get to my due date this time around. With Reid I had him at 36 weeks, 4 weeks early. So it will be interesting. Tom is hoping that I can hold off until mid to late November so that I don't interrupt Bow Season in early November. Oh his priorities. We have been working with Reid on getting him to show us where Mommy's baby is and I think he finally got it this weekend. Not only does he point to my belly but he also kisses it to, oh so cute.
So thats our big news..... Soon to come Maternity and New Born pics.

Because I just hate not posting some sort of Pics. Here is Reid and Tom one day playing in his room and another of Reid smelling our Peace Lilly (that I killed-Sorry Kristine, I don't have a green thumb).




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