Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall fun

FALL IS HERE... I love this time of year. Of course the past few day's haven't been my fav. with all the rain and wind but the sixty degree weather and fall colors all around, you just can't beat it. Tom and I decided to take the kids out after dinner last Sunday for a mini-photo shot. For some of you, you may know we live around a lot of farm land and have gotten to run through corn fields in the past, so I wanted to take advantage of the fall corn before it get harvested. Reid just love to run and hide in the corn which amazes me for a 3 year old. Check out these fun pics. I hope to do more with my kids once the leaves have fallen, so many fun ideas I'd like to try out before the snow falls, we'll see how many I get to try, Reid's not the easiest to photo these days.

Aren't they getting so big, Haley is crawling all over and even starting to stand on her own, I have a feeling she might be walking before she turns one. She just adores her brother and will follow him every where he goes, Perhaps he will understand what its like to have a shadow follow him all the time. He's really good with her though. Reid is not a baby any more, he is so big and skinny, and don't get me wrong the boy can eat, of course only when he wants to. I just can't believe we have to start thinking about pre-K this winter, yep you have to sign them up in the winter for the next fall, I think that's crazy.
Well, for those of you in WI and MN stay dry!


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