Monday, July 28, 2008

Camping with a 1 year old...

Hello.... (sorry its been awhile, Ive had a busy few days!) So we took Reid camping for the first time with the Cegielski gang this past weekend(our annual camping trip). We had a great time as usual hanging out with the family and watching the kids play like crazy! HOWEVER..... Camping in a tent with an air mattress that slowly leeks and a 1 year old do not mix!

Reid apparently doesn't sleep well in a tent with a pack and play. And of course you can't let him cry himself to sleep when your laying right there next to him or let him wake up the rest of the campers around us so needless to say I think he may have gained 2 lbs in a weekend because of all the milk he got. Sat. night turned out better but still not like home. For those of you with a one year old that is thinking about camping I would recommend you wait until they can walk and don't put everything they see in there mouth. It made it hard to fully enjoy the weekend when you couldn't just let him go and play like at home. Like I said it was very nice to see everyone and wouldn't have missed it for the world... Tom and I vowed to never camp in a tent again... A CAMPER will be a necessity.

I did take some time to take pics... I took my old 35mm SLR camera with film so i hope they turn out well, its hard when you get used to a digital and go back to film (I kept wanting to look at the back of my camera to see how the pic looked, no can do with that camera). Once I get more comfortable with my digital camera using the manual mode I think I'm going to upgrade my SLR to digital. I hope to get on my computer tonight to download the digital pics I took of the weekend and post them tomorrow.

Have a great day... For those of you in WI or MN stay cool this week its going to be hot and humid week ahead!



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