Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Attidue and Direction for my LIFE!

Ok so I had an opening experience yesterday.... I had dinner with my two sister-in-laws last night and some how we got on the topic about how Im board with the direction of my life from a career perspective was going.

Sheri asked me what would make me happy? I said I want to full fill my dream of becoming a photographer. For those of you who know me I love to take pictures (thank god for digital cameras I know longer have issues with cameras without film hahaha cegielski's :) Im also a huge scrapbooker, I have about 10 albums (some of which completed others still in progress). I took photography classes in high school and earlier years in college but something stopped me from going any further with it. The world of photography has changes so much that I want a part of it.

Every time I talk with Sheri she has away about her to inspire and motivate me, Its crazy but I thank her for it, im sure she doesn't even realize she does this but she does. Its probably why shes so successful with her CM business. She said to me last night, "why don't you go for it, start exploring photography...." every excuse or comment I had about not doing it she would come back and find away around it. I also must give credit to Kristine as well she didn't put up with my excuses either.

I think whats holding me back is knowing the obstacles I have to go through and that they could be challenging and could take some time to be where I want to end up. However she reminded me that its going to take time but that my age and place in life mean nothing and it CAN be DONE!

So I racked my brain last night instead of sleeping and decided she was so right if I want a career with meaning and an overall happy life that (I only dreaming about now) have to make it happen. So I woke up this morning and I decided today things will change. Ive decided I need a list of goals so that I can be reminded of them daily and actually meet them. There something so rewarding about meeting a personal goal and I thought by publishing them would make me even that more responsible to meet them. So check them out on the....


Lost_In_Durand July 23, 2008 at 4:04 PM  

I love that you snuck in a meeting with Tim on your list for life! ;)

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