Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Fun

So I was able to get some pics together from Reid's B-day party. I love the cake pics, he had so much fun.

My wonderful helpers...

At first Reid didn't know what to do then he started to go wild, but still didn't want to eat it. The first time he has something in front of him and he wont put it in his mouth.

As you can see he figured it out!

Just before we opened gifts!

So some of you may know we have our house for sale and we had a couple look at it last night. This was there second time looking at it and Tom and I think it went well. They sat on our deck and talked with us for over an hour. They really liked how quite it was. So keeping our fingers crossed, not sure where we'll go but we know we need a bigger home for the future so we'll take what we can.

I get to see my sister-in-laws tonight for dinner, can't wait! Every girl enjoys some girl talk!


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