Monday, July 21, 2008


Well I survived the 1st birthday party! Needless to say I was exhausted Saturday night. I think my favorite thing about the party was Reid attacking his CAKE (cookie monster cake)! He at first didn't know what to do but play in it then he figured out that it was food and good tasting! My sister even thought that it would be funny to look like my son, by smearing icing all over my face which turned into a icing fight between us, what a mess! Thanks Kimberly!

I must say thank you to everyone who helped me clean up on Sat. and Sunday it was so nice to have a clean house by Noon on Sunday, that's the worse to have to spend your day after cleaning. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I will post pics soon, I haven't even looked at them from the Party yet, Needless to say there are a ton since I had to go and empty my card half way through the party since my memory card was full. So it will take me awhile to get through them and loaded to my blog.

Have a great day.... LIVE, LOVE, LIFE! LC


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