Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've Got to Do something...

Ok so.... I live to shop some days. Have you ever just had the issue where you can't control your self and you have to spend money. I even get a rush from buying grocery's because its called SHOPPING. WHY????? I can't stop. I wish I could get paid to shop. So when I shop, guess what doesn't happen? You guessed it, I don't save money and I don't get closer to my goal of a new Laptop and Camera!

So hopefully this week I can get some time to sit down and make out a budget for myself and Tom and I. That way we can really manage our money better during our remodel. (10 days until we close!) Im hoping by doing a personal budget I can work to set aside money for my big purchases and then also have some play money for my shopping sprees (which wont be huge but enough to control the urge.)

On a fun note over the weekend my niece Jordana was my model and let me practice some photography with her. It was fun. Hopefully I will get them posted soon.



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