Thursday, September 4, 2008

Country Girl

So... For those you who know me, know that Im a CITY GIRL! Well for those that know me now or still know me, know that I live out in what I call the Boon Docks, country living at its best. We have a lovely home on 3 acres and soon to be done with and on to a new home on 15 acres which will one day be a lovely home. Well any ways my Husband is a country boy all the way and he's always trying to convert me. I must say hes tried his hardest and has been a little successful (our home/location!) but I always end up finding my way back to City Living (shopping is and always will be my all time hobby!). However I think he got me last night. He just recently bought a new four-wheeler which he already had one but this one is 4X4 so its bigger and better. Well he thought it was time to teach me how to drive the older one and then go out for a drive with Reid in tow. So I agreed and sure enough it was a very fun time. Don't get me wrong I've been on 4-wheelers before but I was always the passenger so being the driver on your own machine is much better. Perhaps Tom and I just found a hobby we can do together? :)

Im always trying to find things that Tom and I can do together because its hard sometimes when you come from two very different back grounds growing up or you just have to many hobbies gender specific that neither one whats to even think about doing. Im sure most of you know what Im talking about. I guess we will just have to wait to see if it really turns out to be something we do together!

Love, Live, Life...


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