Thursday, November 6, 2008

Half has Arrived...

So I got half of my order yesterday in the mail. Which was my two lenses and my book on how to use my 40D Canon. I just checked UPS website it says that my camera is out for delivery it arrived in Altoona WI this morning. Talk about stalking a package, I just talked to Tom and he said that it hasn't arrived yet but I would hope it would be there soon. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I have so much to do tonight that im not sure when I will actually get to play with it but I hope I can make some time.

Tomorrow Reid and I are off to Grandma Lee's house. Reid's going to stay the weekend with Both Grandma and Grandpa while I spend the weekend with the Girls (A little alcohol, shopping, food and fun! What more can a girl ask for, oh and a few pics to capture the moment!).

Update on the house.... Tom painted the barn/garage last weekend (red) and it looks really nice except it almost makes the rough look worse but thats a next summer job. This weekend he's having the Garage Doors installed. So hopefully with in the next few weeks he can refocus on the house and get the rest of the new windows in and perhaps the siding on. The interior of the house probably wont start until Dec. 1st. Oh how I wish it was March....

Have a great day!


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