Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon's

I just love lazy Sunday afternoons. We watch movies, lay around on the living room floor and play with the kids. Haley is starting to want to be involved in things and loves to watch her Big Brother, so I prop her up on pillows on her belly and she just watches everything around her. I had gotten up to go get my camera and when I returned I found Reid putting all his play food around Haley and then he tried to feed her a play Hot dog. We are still working on pretending to eat play food and not actually trying to eat it. I can see where he gets confused, they make play food look so real.

Haley is getting so big! 3 months I can't believe it. Looks at those big eyes.

So I don't know that I have ever mentioned how I am in love with Ried's eyes but I am. I maybe partial to his eyes since he is my son, but look at this picture. I finally got him to sit still so that I could get a good close up of his eyes so that you can see what I mean. He's got almost 3-4 different colors in his eyes, there just amazing to me. I hope they never change.

Enjoy your lazy Sundays they come and go so quick.


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