Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Part 1

Ok so I know I was not good at posting in March but Im going to do better this month, I promise. I actually have lots to show you. The next two post are personal but fun. I thought I would share some from our Easter weekend with you. This is the Sat. before Easter. We of course had to color eggs (Reid loved it and had to do it all by him self, Mr. Independent now a days.)

SPRING Is HERE! HIP HIP HOORAY. WE got to spend some time outside on Sat. they originally said it was going to be raining all day but as you can see the sky's where blue and the sun was shinning. We did a ton of landscaping last year and are curious to see what has made it through the winter. This is a branch from one of our new trees that Tom planted mid summer last year, its blooming all over... LOVE IT.

My Dad is a big fan of Kites and so he brought his Kite and we got Reid's out as well it was the perfect day for kites.

Oh little Miss Haley... Shes getting so big and is full of smiles even through her horrible cold, you wouldn't know she had one looking at this picture.

It was Tom and I's 5th anniversary last Friday... 5 years I can't believe it, so much has changed 2 kids 3 houses and lots of toys and fun in between. We got to go out and celebrate Sat. night just the two of us as my parents stayed and watched the kids (it was a fun time).

I love her innocent look, I can finally put her hair in a clip now, I hope she loves her hair being done because I love doing hair, perhaps I missed my calling...

Well stay tuned for more pics from Easter Sunday...


KRL Designs April 6, 2010 at 7:54 PM  

Vary nice LeeeeeAnn.... But when did Dad start liking Kites!!!!:P oh daddd!

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